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Sneaking behind the fence spandexman

2018/07/30 (Mon) 06:37:14

She's sweet looking, but has a kinky side. I once dated a a girl that was a '10' she was the worst woman I ever had in bed. On the other hand went out with a pretty woman who wore thick glasses and was a '7+' and married her because she had a kinky side.

Re: Sneaking behind the fence Munio URL

2018/07/30 (Mon) 19:03:36

What a coincidence! I was just planning to draw a "kinky woman with glasses" for the next update!

Re: Sneaking behind the fence - Owl

2018/08/06 (Mon) 06:24:52

Oh yes, and you can make her wear wide lace top stockings :))))

Re: Sneaking behind the fence Munio URL

2018/08/07 (Tue) 18:53:46

Yeah, I know you like that, Owl :)

Re: Sneaking behind the fence - spandexman

2018/11/04 (Sun) 03:14:13

This librarian would be a good pantyhose wetter.

Re: Sneaking behind the fence - spandexman

2018/11/05 (Mon) 03:58:28

Red and robust

Re: Sneaking behind the fence - spandexman

2018/12/02 (Sun) 07:14:13

Love sexy businesswomen!

Re: Sneaking behind the fence spandexman

2019/01/05 (Sat) 04:57:34

Another studious hottie for 2019*****

Re: Sneaking behind the fence - spandexman

2019/05/19 (Sun) 20:45:37

Would love to meet this beauty at the beach.

大女優 bad.Ⅳ-95

2019/02/07 (Thu) 19:07:49


大女優 bad.Ⅳ-95

2019/02/07 (Thu) 21:39:21


謎の一枚 - bad.Ⅳh-95

2019/05/18 (Sat) 14:46:33


Brilliant spandexman

2018/06/21 (Thu) 07:42:09

The expression is priceless and wearing a panty girdle a really great touch and speaking of touching love the latest picture. Thanks***

Re: Brilliant Munio URL

2018/06/21 (Thu) 16:21:11

After viewing the heavy weight MILF that I drew, the lady in the picture you posted looks quite skinny! Who is this beautiful lady in her cat-suit costume? The picture seems like a scene from an old film.

Re: Brilliant spandexman

2018/06/23 (Sat) 07:15:52

Julie Newmar, Catwoman on the Batman TV show between 1966 to 1968. Julie was a sexy babe from the 1960s.

Re: Brilliant Munio URL

2018/06/24 (Sun) 21:55:40

I love her long curly hair ... maybe a little too sexy for kids.
And Batman ... he looks more like Ratman. Lovable, though.

Re: Brilliant spandexman

2018/06/28 (Thu) 08:36:56

One more

Re: Brilliant spandexman

2018/07/04 (Wed) 03:28:16

For the holiday

Re: Brilliant spandexman

2019/04/16 (Tue) 07:06:59

The dance

Re: Brilliant - spandexman

2019/05/14 (Tue) 22:45:52

As a kid I got a woody every time I saw her on Batman. Then again all young men and boys did back then.

Coming Munio URL

2019/04/22 (Mon) 12:56:22

Hi jo_ and wet one,
Thanks. I have some sketches for this year and I'll be finishing them sooner or later.

Re: Coming - jo_

2019/04/26 (Fri) 07:58:57

...oops ...i was afraid that you stopped drawing.
Your work is unique. love them.

Re: Coming - Owl

2019/04/27 (Sat) 07:37:22

Can't wait them :)

No Title - jo_

2019/04/21 (Sun) 22:33:54

Any news? Any works?

Quality Works wet-one

2019/04/18 (Thu) 11:02:45

I have checked back everyday on this site for around two years now. I always get very excited when I see a new post.

2019 Munio URL

2019/02/14 (Thu) 17:43:25


Thank you all, for your postings.
This year, I'd really like to complete the animation that I'm working on now. On the other hand, I've decided to resume drawing pictures, because waiting for the animation to complete will only delay the update of my gallery. I hope you enjoy whatever is coming.

Re: 2019 spandexman

2019/02/15 (Fri) 09:57:30

Great Legs! Looks really arousing. Thank you

Re: 2019 - bad.Ⅳh-95

2019/02/24 (Sun) 20:25:27


クリスマス関係無いですが。 bad.Ⅳ-95

2019/01/25 (Fri) 20:35:15


Re: クリスマス関係無いですが。 bad.Ⅳ-95

2019/02/07 (Thu) 21:24:06


chirurgie - cuisses URL

2019/01/31 (Thu) 00:20:10


2019 - spandexman

2019/01/01 (Tue) 00:25:31

Happy 2019****************

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