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love ! - jmlover URL

2018/06/20 (Wed) 01:15:23

i love how yuo catch some particular as lingerie and pantyhose .
idont mind about pissing or similar but
i really love the way you draw your ladies .

偽りのない美しさ licmin URL

2018/06/08 (Fri) 21:09:43


Re: 偽りのない美しさ Munio URL

2018/06/11 (Mon) 00:41:58

감사합니다. 같은 가치관을 공유 할 수있어 매우 기쁩니다.
보시다시피, 내 경우에는 그 외에도 「익은 여자 '나'굵은 여성 '에 아름다움을 느끼고 있습니다. 매니아예요.

Masturbation spandexman

2018/05/23 (Wed) 03:00:14

Thank you for your latest masterpiece. The thought of a full-figured woman playing with herself in front of an admirer is quite exciting. I am not alone, many of us like to watch women play with and soil themselves.

Re: Masturbation Munio URL

2018/05/27 (Sun) 18:06:22

Thanks. Great to know there are many sharing the same values.

No Title - Owl

2018/05/23 (Wed) 16:16:54

Love that you put stockings on her legs :)

Re: No Title Munio URL

2018/05/27 (Sun) 18:03:22

I knew you would like it :)

You're on a roll spandexman

2018/05/18 (Fri) 08:10:45

Wow three pictures in the last month and all great ones. Your latest is fabulous. Love her wet panties. Thank you.

Re: You're on a roll Munio URL

2018/05/18 (Fri) 11:22:49

I luckily found some time to do the work. I still have ideas. There's more coming your way.

Your latest spandexman

2018/05/15 (Tue) 06:24:27

Love the last two artistic wonders. I especially love the MILF seducing the young boy. I think we all have had fantasies of such an erotic encounter.

For me it was my fifth grade teacher. She was 5'9" wore her black hair in a high bun, and wore a leather mini skirt. Joel K sat in front of me and always dropped his pencil so he could look up her skirt, she wore a thigh length panty girdle and stockings!

Re: Your latest Munio URL

2018/05/15 (Tue) 16:06:39

Your friend Joel K knows how to enjoy school life :)
I loved my fifth grade teacher's "nice ass" too. I used to live in the states at the time.
She seldom wore skirt, but her tight pants traced the curvy lines of her thick bottom.
I must admit, it had a great influence on my fetish and style of drawing.

Thanks - Nameless Hero

2018/05/03 (Thu) 23:41:01

Hi Munio,
Just want to say I've always liked your art when I see it posted various places and just now finally found your website. Thank you!

Re: Thanks Munio URL

2018/05/04 (Fri) 17:45:16

Thanks for your message. Glad you found this website.
I'm completely positive about my artworks being re-posted in various places including those that I don't even know, for two reasons, One, because the re-posting itself proves the presence of a sharer of the same values and fetish. Two, because it becomes a clue to connect people like you with me.
If you find somebody saying " who and where is the artist? ", please kindly guide him of her to this website.
Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the coming artworks.

Panty peek spandexman

2018/04/07 (Sat) 06:04:00

Love your latest picture. The guilty looking pisser is so cute and delightfully naughty

Re: Panty peek Munio URL

2018/04/09 (Mon) 23:12:48

I'm glad you noticed the "guilty look". It wasn't easy to draw her expression.

No Title - spandexman

2018/04/01 (Sun) 02:14:04

Love your latest artwork series. Especially peeing in her pantyhose. You work is always enjoyable and models just the way I like them, pretty and curvy.

Re: No Title Munio URL

2018/04/06 (Fri) 09:40:18

Pantyhose and curviness are two of the most unwavering symbols of femininity in my opinion, and I am happy to know that there are many people who share the same values. Thanks for your kind message.

picture cropping MP

2018/03/15 (Thu) 04:52:07

I've noticed that you always crop your pictures very tightly. In other words, your subject takes the entirety of the frame foreground, leaving very little of the background.
If I may, I'd like to suggest that you don't crop the pictures so tightly.
I still enjoy your pictures no matter what. Just thought in giving an opinion to improve presentation.
Thank you.

Re: picture cropping Munio URL

2018/03/29 (Thu) 08:58:11

Thanks for your opinion, MP.
When I crop my picture, I do it intentionally and very carefully on a basis, believing that such cropping should also become a part of my style. Therefore, in some cases, it's not that tight.. or at least I think it's not..:)
I hope you enjoy the coming pictures as well.

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